Strategic Career Coaching

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

In today’s global pandemic impact environment, we’re all going to have to figure out how to 10X our value fast!

ash siddique

As Jim Rohn says: Don’t get mad: Get Better.

If you’d like to take your act to 10X improve your chances of keeping a job, getting a job, starting a business or getting a business from barely surviving to thriving.

You need to become a Spartan careerist Arm yourself with all tools you can put in your toolbox and activate. One of those tools is advisory coaching.

Coaching Options:


Option 1: Single session: The JUMPSTART Career Strategy call is a focused session for basic career advice. Useful if you have some basic questions or if you just need a little kick to get you going. Discuss your current options, brainstorm possibilities and find solutions. This 60 minute phone call is not meant to provide complete career coaching but it can get you started on your way. It also allows you to “try out” career coaching before committing to a longer term package.

Regularly $575.00 USD Now on sale for $375 

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Option 2: Fast-Action Career Strategy Advisory Coaching Package:3 Sessions (50 minutes each) over the course of 2 months.: 3 sessions of career coaching over a 2-month period. These structured coaching sessions are designed to help you make decisions, clarify your vision and begin moving forward toward your new goals and career. You will be given hands-on work to complete between sessions based on your career needs. Schedule sessions at your convenience. All coaching is done by phone or video chat so you can work with Ash from anywhere in the world.

Regularly $1725.00 USD Now on sale for $900 

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Option 3: 6 Sessions (50 minutes each) over the course of 4 months:

The Spartan Career Strategy Advisory Coaching Package offers 6 strategic phone sessions over a 3-month period. This package is designed for those individuals who are ready to make serious changes in their career and life. It includes 6 phone coaching sessions along with weekly Career Strategy exploration questions delivered by email. Each week, you will explore one facet of the change process.

Regularly $3450.00 USD Now on sale for $1800 

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If you’re interested in working with me, please contact at or give me a call at 9167537432 in the US or over WhatsApp

If you’d like Ash to speak at one of your company’s programs or events, please reach out to Ash or give me a call at 9167537432 in the US or over WhatsApp
He can deliver his talks virtually (over WebEx/Zoom and similar platforms) or in-person globally
If you’d like to receive information on Ash’s leadership keynote writing and coaching services (executive presence, leadership branding, leadership thought leadership, creating success in a new role or you need help preparing for a high stakes talk, please email him at or call/text 9167537432